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      Hi Ken!

      As you should know I and a few other people have been working on our own project to continue on the Shivers series we were going on until today when I recieved a post in my own forum from the Sierra company saying this

      “Hello. This is a message from the Sierra Council. This game in question, Shivers 3, is currently in development at a Sierra developer studio. We would like to ask you to halt production on this fan game to prevent confusion between this and our game.

      Walt Whitman”

      well I searched there site and I found no evidence of this so far and I was wondering if you new any inside men who can figure this out or not or if this is some prank just to stop production, Ive been working on this game for 3 odd months now and I felt it was coming along nicely so I wouldn’t wanna throw away something that me and my co-workers have been working on for awhile now. I feel that this is some prank because they left me no contact email for further questions and it was signed my “Walt Whitman” -_- so if Ken you can help me or anyone reading this message figure this out it’ll be Truly Help me!


      Tyler Michaloski

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      (re: Shivers 3 Problem) I moved your message into the fan game area.

      Is it possible it’s a prank? Walt Whiman is a poet… of course, it’s possible there’s someone at Sierra with that name. However, since Sierra has been dissolved into VU, I expect they would say this is a message from VU, not from Sierra Council. Lastly, I should think they would email you and not just post it on your message board, to make sure that you get the message – also, an email would allow you to reply to them.

      That is only my opinion. Perhaps Ken, or others more knowledgable in legal matters, would advise further.

      Brandon Klassen, archivist ~ admin / dev team ~

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      (re: Shivers 3 Problem)

      Haha I kinda wondered where the post went…Yea I was thinking all those things to…But the reason why I thought it was interesting is why would someone want me to shutdown the game. and why would sierra even be interested in restarting a game from 7 years ago espically when they have much more successful games out there like continuing the kings quest series…it didn’t make sense to me and you’d think they’d ask someone like Marcia Bales To take part in it but she hasn’t even heard of it….so it doesn’t make much sense to me.

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      (re: Shivers 3 Problem) Oh, sorry for making you think you’d lost your post. Just check New Messages if you can’t find a post in the original location.

      Yeah, just keep doing what you’re doing, unless you hear something more official.

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