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      Wow! First person to post about “Codename” here since 2004!

      Just completed the game now with the help of the walkthrough.

      I must say this is one of the best storylines I’ve encountered in a Sierra game and would love to resurrect the series with a fangame sequel.

      The only thing is that the original was a bit too tricky and certain puzzles were difficult to get unless you typed the EXACT phrase in.

      In my version I’d like to focus more on the adventure element and exotic locations with a more varied “Sandbox” style sub mission which allows the pilot a lot more freedom to navigate about.

      Controversially I want to keep death in, but at the same time make the game a hell of a lot more fair with time limits etc.

      This is all pipe dreams at the moment but if any of you are interested, let me know!  Might just persuade me to get coding!

      Tom Lee
      Sierra Junkie

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