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      Tonight, Feb 16th, which is co-incidentally Roberta’s birthday, we had a VERY cool surprise…
      We have been at our home in Mexico for the last couple of months, but are in Seattle for a couple of days, before leaving on another trip (to South America). At dinner tonight, Roberta recognized Mark Hood walking though the restaurant. Mark was a key part of Sierra’s management team for over 10 years. He lives in Seattle, but we hadn’t seen Mark for years. Mark’s birthday is also today, so he happened to be at the same restaurant celebrating with his parents, his wife Alexis, and….
      He had Scott Murphy (of Space Quest fame) with him!!! I hadn’t seen Scott in years. I don’t think I would have recognized Scott if Mark hadn’t introduced him. He looked younger! (a depressing thought) … He had “gone straight” with what he called his “corporate look” and had short hair, and was clean shaven. He said he wasn’t really doing anything now, although he had just been in Amsterdam with Mark and Alexis, and was staying with them at their house here in Seattle. I asked his email address, which I should have guessed at: (

      I wished we could have spent more time hanging out, but Mark lives on an island, and the last ferry was leaving, so he had to run. Mark mentioned that he is working for a new company, called
      – that does trading in sports events companies.
      A great surprise for Roberta’s birthday!
      -Ken W

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      (re: Scott Murphy Sighting!!!) It is very cool that you ran into both Mark (Hood) and Scott.
      Actually, Space Quest fans have known of Scott’s (bare bones) website and his email address listed on that website for years… but Scott rarely responds to his email and seems reticent about conversing with fans or getting around to doing anything with his website, which is a real shame. So I don’t recommend everyone who didn’t know Scott’s email before now mass email him, as it may tick him off. A few fan emails couldn’t hurt though, and sooner or later, he’s going to have to give in and communicate with the Space Quest fans. If you remember, I did that “Wanted” poster with Frans when Frans, after some communication with Scott, lost touch with him.

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