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      Though the SCI timer bugs are not much of an issue for the King’s Quest games, they are a real nightmare for some of the other great Sierra games, such as Quest for Glory and Space Quest. Now there is help without having to use imperfect slow down utilities or resorting to tricks like disabling the cache in the BIOS. Someone on The message boards of SpaceQuest.Net is developing a patch for the many timer bugs in the Sierra SCI games.


      I tried it on QfG 4 and using just VDMS it seems to have worked. Though I have not yet played through to the point of the infamous Error 52, it works for some of the earlier bugs, such as on the slippery slope coming down from the caves and the antwerp maze. It also worked with the scene with Yorick’s maze in QfG 1 VGA.
      Many from the SpaceQuest.Net boards have reported that it works for the bugs in SQ 4 and SQ 6.

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      (re: SCI timer bug fix!)

      wow, that’s great!

      I wonder if it also helps with the police station bug in GK1. I was never able to get past that, even using MoSlo.

      I’ll definitely check this out!

      🙂 emily

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      It DOES fix the error 52 crash in the swamp in the DOS version of QfG4!

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