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      I think it could potentially be fun and interesting if there was a time that we could meet, as a collective, meet in the chat room provided on this site:

      And we could just ramble off about memories of Sierra games, different things about them, ask technical questions (live) – with potential visits from folks like Ken or Roberta (if they read this!) to be there from time to time and field questions – or even the ever so helpful Collector (yeah, I’m talking to you, man!) to help with the technical side. (The dude is a Sierra Fixer Upper Godlike Being!)

      I realize there’s different time zones involved (and in some cases even outside of the United States), which is why I figured we could schedule for like a three hour block or something.

      For example, meet every Weds between Noon and 3pm PST. (Or something along those lines).

      So that way we get use of the chat program on here AND we can get to know one another and share Sierra memories and questions at a much quicker pace. 🙂

      What say you all? 🙂

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      It would be awesome to reconnect with some people from Sierra, but it would be up to the masses for the forum/scheduling…

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