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      When I was five(it was 1994) my mother’s friend gave her the King’s Quest Collection. We had an old IBM 286, and the only games we played then were ‘Digger’ and ‘Tetris’. Mother installed KQ1 on the computer and I started to play…
      Though I didn’t knew English much these days and I used a dictionary to play KQ, I loved this game and I love it now! When we finally got a Pentium II with 800 Mhz and a modem, I downloaded QfG and I fell in love with it too!
      Now I’m thirteen and I can’t live without these old Sierra games. I still think that the most cool game is Space Quest V. My school pals play Counter-Strike and think that the best Sierra game is ‘Throne of Darkness’. They even don’t know who is Roberta Williams (!!!). When I gave KQ AGI to one of them, he said: “Who needs these oldies, let’s play Half-Life!”
      But my mother and her friends still play old Sierra games. They still love it. Some of them even have Windows 3.1 installed on their computer with 16MB RAM only because Sierra oldies are played better on these. And there are still many people in Russia who know and respect you, Ken.
      From Russia whith love, all Sierra fans and me(Kim Gustir).

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