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      ok, whens it coming? whats your funding goal? and how can I help?

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      Oh man, oh man, I hope this happens.  I sent Ken an email regarding it…not planning on a response, but I hope he gets enough to show him there is interest.  Another Ken/Roberta game would be a dream come true.  If they do one I REALLY hope they offer a big box pledge option w/a full sized manual…that always gets me to up my pledge.  I like t-shirts also 🙂

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      And in the box could be a map and compass and a quest book : )… Another King’s Quest would surely be phenomenal and garner a LOT of attention – It could be sold as a ‘skyrim’ type adventure which would rake in $$$… Imagine a Skyrim style King’s Quest – pledges would pour in… But personally and I think many would agree – I would love a classic 2d style adventure like they used to be… they never went out of fashion they just stopped being made… 

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