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      I'd first like to say i'm a huge fan of you and your wife's work. I have been playing your games since I was a child.

      Now. I would like to ask both you and your wife if I may have your explicit permission to Re-make the game. Such an honor would mean the world to me, also to everyone of the fans and even you if i'm correct.

      It would entail the following:

      Staying as close to the original game as possible.

      The Unreal Engine (it's 20 years old as of this year.) more reasons to be disclosed

      100% photo realistic textures shot in 4k.

      Ultra high poly models

      Utilization of entire screen (for deeper player immersion)

      As for anything else, that can be kept for another time.

      Your prompt response is appreciated and thank you for your time.

      Sincerely,  Jon P.

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      Ken Williams

      You didn't say what game you wanted to remake — or, I missed it.   

      That said .. it doesn't matter. When Roberta and I sold the company we gave up all of our rights. We were well paid, so I'm not complaining.

      I have no idea who owns the rights to our games these days. 

      I would definitely encourage you to make a game. There is a huge market. It can be hard to break into the business, and there's a good chance whatever game you do won't sell .. but, you'll learn with each game you produce and there's nothing wrong with adding to your base of experience.

      Good luck!

      -Ken W

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      Phantasmagoria was the game in question. Thank you for your time and years. Below is a simple token of my appreciation, I hope both enjoy.

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