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      It's great to hear the interest in classic Sierra games continue.

      I started working on Laura Bow 1: The Colonels Bequest: Resurrection back in
      2004 and I still have all of the resource files, music files, character
      animations and more to recreate Colonel's Bequest in Adventure Game Studio.

      At this time, I'm working as a contractor for web and windows development, so I
      don't have the money or the time to complete it. Doing it alone, I could
      finish it in 1-2 years, but I don't have the resources to hole up and work on
      it. But I am ready. I rely on Poser to crank out the huge number of character
      animations, and Photoshop to create the backgrounds.

      It's a dream of mine to complete it. If I had the money, I would do it in an

      To see what I have been working on, check out or or

      Thank you Ken and Roberta for inspiring us all!


      Ben Lindelof
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