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      Good afternoon. I have the information that I need for the book itself that I am trying to write about the history and influences of Sierra On-Line and their video games on the modern world. However, I was wanting to include a blurb of the original AGI and SCI code from the original King's Quest I and the SCI remake of KQI… I know that there is a handful of people out there that has copies of the original SCI and AGI code sources for these games and I was wondering if you might be interested in donating a sample of the code… It would be greatly appreciated.

      With modern software, I'm able to extract a modernized dialect of AGI and SCI and I am positive that they may function the same as the original dialects, but I know that they do not look the same.

      Much appreciated, wolverine79936

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      Roberta and I gave up all rights when the company was sold and were required to turn in all disks we had that contained any source code.

      I do know that source code is out there floating around and if you keep looking you'll find it .. but, we don't have any…

      Good luck! And, hope you do someday release a book!

      -Ken W

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      Thank you so very much for your vote of confidence, Ken. I just located a copy of the original AGI source for Leisure Suit Larry 1 AGI and I was right. Over the last 32 years, we have developed a secondary dialect of AGI. This is soooo cool. Again. Thanks for the vote of confidence.

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