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      LOL Ken, thanks! By the way, it is a great idea to develop this type of website system. I’m sure there are others out there who would find it useful.
      I saw that name in the post that got replaced with my post, which you have now removed, so there is no problem.
      Oops, I started with 1 comment and ended with lots more.
      1) If you type in two spaces instead of one, the result is that on your post it shows the html code for a space “&nbsp” or whatever that code is.
      2) It would nice to have the option when uploading images, for them to be displayed or to be an attachment. Right now if you only post an image, then the image displays. Otherwhise, it’s an attachment. The use of my suggestion is that area head pages in the museum can have a nice big title on top of the image “QUEST FOR GLORY AREA” or something, instead of the placing that text in the caption area. Secondly, you could make your small thumbnail for a large image display in the post, and the large version is the attachment. Anyway, that’s just a thought.
      3) A different symbol for posts that have replies to them. Like that open circle.
      4) Newest messages doesn’t seem to display all the new posts. For example, it doesn’t seem to show the two replies you made to this thread. Unless it ignores admin posts.
      5) It might be better to keep the whole left-hand frame listing visible, instead of hiding everything else once you go into a thread. I’m not sure, I may not like it that way if you change it, but it might be better. Something to think about.
      6) Move “post message” and put it beside the top thread, where “UPD” and “DEL” are for your own posts. That keeps the listing clear. Make “UPD” and “DEL” red as well. I was going to suggest removing all three and making a separate area for actions, outside the listing, but then I realized I could adjust the frame width which made things look better. Of course, my monitor is large, so you may want to consider moving those things out of the listing anyway.
      7) There is a huge jump between TNR size 3 and size 4. I’m not sure if that’s a browser problem, but I can’t get a nice text size. I’m using IE 5.0 text size Medium. Either it’s a pretty small font size (it’s the same font size as your site opening message), or I go to size 4 and then it’s too large.

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