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      you are right Frans – 90% of the webmasters forget of this compatibility problem. (myself, i’m {along with my fellow webmaster partner} in the 10%)
      The solution is to write by the HTML and JavaScript standard. For example, many webmasters use “form.yourname.value” when referring to an object instead of the full path “document.form.yourname.value”, and that just a simple example… the solution is mostly in those subtle changes. I tested this website on Netscape 7.0, which is VERY sensitive to any form of “dialect” different from the standard, and it works fine. So it either some subtle changes or perhaps Safari has small dialect itself.

      our browser compatible QFG website

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      (re: re: Site Design – some more suggestions) Hi Ken,
      About the additional fields – if you “normalize” your database so every webmaster can add additional fields as he want, I believe you can request this data from the database easily.
      About the colors: You’re using CSS (goody!), so I suggest that instead of specifying all the colors inside the website HTML tags, (the <style> and then all the specifications), create a “scheme.css” file in the website root, and use this tag in all your websites: (should be in the <head> part of the document)
      <link REL=”StyleSheet” HREF=”scheme.css” TYPE=”text/css” MEDIA=”screen”>

      this way, changing colors is only a matter of editing this CSS text file which will be in the root directory of every website. (the file should contain everything that you have BETWEEN the <style> and </style>. (excluding this tag)
      Also, you should add to the “a.roll:hover” the property “cursor: hand;”, because on Netscape (and so possibly some other) it shows the cursor as the text cursor (that “|” cursor) when you are over the links on the pop-up menu.
      Regarding the width of the menu – did you use a function to determine it? because on
      the support menu has only 1 entry – “FAQ” – and the width is too short!
      -Eyal. (not Yval… check my location to understand)

      P.S – I’ll try to download the exterior look of the website to my computer and “play” with it a bit.
      P.S 2 – I suggested a use of some sort of logo in my previous post, you might have missed it when you wrote your reply.

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