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      I have a suggestion for Ken Williams, and hope others will comment on this, also. I have a small collection of the Sierra Games, including KQ 2 through VI, Leisure Suit Larry, Robin Hood, and a couple of others. I have a problem – KQ5 and 6 don’t work very well on my new computer, – one reboots the computer when I try to run it, and the sound doesn’t fully work on either one. I haven’t gotten around to trying the other games.

      My suggestion is to have someone recode the old Sierra games so they will work under Windows, and on the newer computers. I use Win98SE. I think the games would sell as well, if not better than, they did when they were first written. I will be your first customer.


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      (RE: A suggestion for Ken Williams) Well.. I’ll be sure to buy them if that would be the case… Although I’m not sure if it could be done since Sierra still has the Rights for the brands/game code. Some people have been fortunate enough to make those games run using either VDMS or DosBOX, I’m sure I’ve made them run once, all of the KQ’s since once in a while I like to sit and do the WHOLE game set since they are very precious to me…

      Since Ken and Roberta are not affiliated with Sierra anymore I doubt they could be the ones that could do it… A long time ago I heard about the re-release of the SpaceQuest saga, even had a link in the Sierra Web Site but never saw it come trough (not that I was looking), so maybe we all interested people could write a letter to Sierra to see if we get lucky.

      Another thing would be to make the games run on VDMS or DosBOX and take note of the settings to make them run and post them so other people could do it (like somebody already did with KQ6)..

      Ricardo Robles

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      (Re: A suggestion for Ken Williams)

      Why is this a suggestion for Ken?

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      (Re: A suggestion for Ken Williams) Chuck,

      You are right, something should be done to be able to play old (Sierra) games on newer computers. But I do not think each game should be recoded. Instead, using emulators provides for running any older game, and is a generic solution. Such emulators already exist, at least partly (For the PC: DosBox, Bochs, Tand-Em, …), but there is still a problem: those emulation projects are themselves tied to the current state of computers (Windows, Linux and MacOS for now), and as computers and OSes evolve, they will suffer from the same problem as what they are meant to solve: they will become obsolete. My main goal is to solve this issue.

      For the games themselves, they must be properly imaged (virtualized) so that old game protections are not an issue, and the original game can be played with emulators. This is the goal of Disk2FDI for floppy disks, and there are many good CD imaging tools out there as well.

      Finally, the rights to the games must also be acquiered so that the original games can be distributed without infringing copyright laws. This can be pretty difficult since many companies have merged or been closed down, so it’s often difficult to know exactly who holds the rights.

      If all these issues can be overcome, then I would think that an on-line “old game shop” could potentially do well if the games can be sold for about 1-5$.

      Oh well, you started me 😉

      Vincent. –=====================_27533090==.ALT–

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      (RE: A suggestion for Ken Williams) <X-TAB> </X-TAB>I also still like to play through all my old Sierra adventures on a semi-regular basis. Within the past couple years I have replayed every game in the King’s Quest, Space Quest, Leisure Suit Larry, Conquests, and Gabriel Knight series, plus a few other individual games, at least once. Sometimes to introduce my wife to them, other times just because I felt like playing them again.
      <X-TAB> </X-TAB>Fortunately, I still have an old computer with a Pentium 166 running MS-DOS 6.22. It’s also got an actual Soundblaster 16 card, and a Roland SCC-1 MIDI card, so sound and music for the games is authentic, rather than poor emulation attempts. I keep this machine around just for the purpose of playing old games. You don’t have to mess around with emulators or tweaking settings when you still have the type of hardware and software the stuff was designed to work with in the first place. 🙂 Just hope none of it ever dies on me… (While most of the machine’s parts have been replaced at least once, the keyboard, case, power supply and floppy drives are originals from when I got the machine in 1991! And even the rest of the parts which have been replaced are all at LEAST 7 years old. Heck, even if my DOS boot disk develops errors I’m kinda screwed.)

      – Greg Smith

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      (RE: A suggestion for Ken Williams) I’ve successfully managed to run all the Sierra originals I own in Win98. The key is to configure the Resource.cfg file correctly. Also it is a good idea to run a utility like Moslo to reduce your clock speed. This gives the computer time to initialize the hardware required for the game. If this does not solve your problems, then running Win98 in DOS mode is your best bet.
      Check out these sites below for some ADI versions of old Sierra and other games.;;


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      (Re: A suggestion for Ken Williams) I went and got an old P200 machine (Surplus from a locally-based HMO
      here in Seattle) for $10. It came with 64MB RAM, P200MMX Proc, SB
      AWE64, 32x CD-ROM, FDD, and 4MB PCI VGA. I added a 6.4GB HDD and
      installed MS-DOS 6.22. Had to go to get drivers from
      so it would
      work in DOS. No issues thus far! If you have room for a 2nd PC,
      look around at the computer surplus or recycle stores. Some GREAT
      deals are to be had at these places!


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      (Re: A suggestion for Ken Williams) Matthew is right. I too picked up an old computer but I got mine from a yard sale here in town for only $10.00. These old PC’s are great to play the older games on.

      I also picked up my 4th commodore 64 computer for $15.00. It even came with a box of 20 old c64 games that have never been opened. 🙂

      – Travis

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      (Re: A suggestion for Ken Williams) I gotta tell ya, I prefer the older computers/games compared to the new ones. Back in the day, everything wasn’t run & gun. It was adventure, where you had to use your head to solve different puzzles. Each game was different back then, where as now the games all seem the same. Whatever happened to the quality games?

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      (Re: A suggestion for Ken Williams) I AGREE!! Thanks for re-affirming what I’ve been saying for years.

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