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      After using a forum made by PHPBB, I find this forum to be more difficult to use. I was wondering if you could use a new language to create a new forum. All of the forums created by PHPBB are more organized and more aesthetically pleasing. I’m not sure if you need to know PHP though. If I remember correctly, a friend told me that he didn’t actually know PHP and that he made a forum from a program.  (I believe that this is the software he used.)

      For a sample forum, go to .

      My only problem with this forum is the way it’s organized.

      Thank You

      P.S. I guess I’m asking for a complete overhaul not to mention people having to sign up all over again.

      Posted by: skcll on 10/17/2003

      The problems on this board are not programming language related – they are design related. Originally, the software behind this site was written to do something completely different – it’s a system for building websites, not a message board. I’m writing the code, as a hobby, and put it up here to give it a shake down. If I had been building something for bulletin boards from the beginning, it would have been a lot better.
      There are major design flaws with this software that I am knocking down one by one. Roberta has said that she will spend November working with me. Her sense of user interface design is much better than mine. Expect things to get a lot better by the end of November.
      As to why I don’t use an existing system: that would spoil all the fun! This project is a hobby for me. I like tinkering with it. My plan is to keep redesigning, and adding new features, until I get bored with it. I don’t know if that will be one year, ten years, or, forever.
      The core of this system is very different in its design from any other bulletin board system. I deliberately went some new directions. I’m confident that when the code gets a bit more mature, you will be able to see why this represents a major step forward. Unfortunately, inventing something new is a little like making sausage – it isn’t a very pretty process – but, hopefully tastes good when you are done.
      Hang in there – it will be worth it soon!
      -Ken W

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