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      Hi, I recently dug up my QG anthology cd and it’s so buggy it’s nearly bringing me to tears. When I go to install the games it says I should type the letter next to whatever game I want to install. All well and good except that whatever I type, it decides I want to install the old version of QG1. I managed to get around that problem by playing the games directly from the CD… but not only do I not get any sound as a result, but that imperfect solution doesn’t work at all with QG4: The resource.000 file seems to be damaged and refuses to copy both on install and in a simple copy-paste. I can’t find anywhere that’ll let me download an undamaged version of the file and I have no idea what to do now. Any and all advice will be welcomed.

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      For the damaged file, if you can prove ownership (such as a photo of you holding the disc), ask for help at the Quest for More Glory forums. For help installing the games, use the new installer.

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