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      I recently dug the QFG series out, and I need to know the elements to tell Dr. Cranium. I can’t find my manual, can anyone help?

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      Here you go:

      Alkazotz: Pizza Pizza Fire Water Water
      Betazene: Water Fire Water Earth Fire
      Cranomeal: Earth Water Fire Pizza Earth
      Desertix: Earth Fire Earth Fire Water
      Elkorn: Pizza Earth Pizza Air Air
      Fliegnitz: Air Pizza Fire Air Pizza
      Gargoil: Pizza Water Water Earth Earth
      Hintline: Earth Air Pizza Air Earth
      Ickyuckgoop: Water Earth Earth Water Pizza
      Jollene: Pizza Pizza Air Pizza Pizza
      Kickaptui: Water Air Water Pizza Earth
      Laxabiff: Earth Earth Water Earth Water
      Mexacalish: Fire Earth Pizza Fire Pizza
      Noxipyu: Air Fire Earth Air Earth
      Ossipye: Earth Fire Pizza Earth Fire
      Pentickle: Air Pizza Pizza Air Water
      Quixoat: Water Air Fire Pizza Air
      Romburn: Fire Earth Fire Air Earth
      Sumthin: Water Pizza Earth Air Air
      Tamlin: Pizza Water Air Earth Water
      Ultimo: Fire Air Pizza Pizza Pizza
      Voltoffen: Air Fire Earth Fire Air
      Whammbo: Earth Fire Earth Air Fire
      Xasparil: Air Air Water Air Water
      Yammer: Air Pizza Air Water Pizza
      Zotzbrue: Water Fire Fire Air Water


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      Thank you!

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