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      I write for Frags and Beer Webzine,, and I’m doing a series of profiles and interviews with women in the industry because I see a lot of the current major games media pushing a lot of stories about how dangerous, harmful, or terrible it is for women in the gaming industry and I think this is doing more damage than good when it comes to getting more young people interested and involved.  I have spoken to other indie developers that have said this overall theme is generally wrong, but some of them have said that hearing it did effect them, one even outright said she was scared to get into the industry but did it anyway, and has found that overall the media narrative is false.  One thing that bothers me is I don’t see a lot of profiles and stories showing great examples of successful women in the gaming industry, it’s just a lot of horror stories, and I’d like to change that so,

      I’d like to do a profile on Mrs. Williams on my site, a little background on Sierra, her accomplishments, games, etc, and also a short interview, but I’m unable to find a press contact.  I know Mrs. Williams is busy, so an email format, just a few questions, and no deadline is what I’m looking at.  I would love to be able to get her opinion on these topics and some of her words of wisdom for young people interested in gaming but possibly turned off by what seems to be popular fodder for media clicks.  Is there a press contact I can send an email to?

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      Earnest Stuart


      I would like to speak to Ms. Williams about Sierra, and the flight sim RedBaron3D, my quest and my unknown history relating to the game….and broaden beyond that if there is curiosity in my purpose.

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        Ken Williams

        Hi Earnest – I removed your phone number. I’m easy to find — ken at

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      I am a student of “Digital creation, animation and video games”, it turns out that I have been commissioned a project in which to investigate a certain video game company so I decided to choose “Sierra Entertainment”. So if I could contact Ken and Roberta to learn more about the history of “Sierra” it would be a great favor. Thanks for reading!

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