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      Amidst all of this discussion of some of the great classics, I decided to dust off my old police quest game to see if i’ve still got what it takes to survive the old text parsers. will it be possible to run police quest 2 on a windows 2000 machine?

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      (re: Police Quest on Windows 2000) It works on my XP machine, though I have not played it all the way through on XP. I can not say if there are any bugs that will keep you from playing all the way to the end. As always you will need
      Link: DOSBox(http://ntvdm.cjb.net/”  target=blank>VDMSound and VDMS Launchpad to have the audio with DOS games.
      Also, if you have any trouble with it, you can always try running it in <A href=”http://dosbox.sourceforge.net/) 

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