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      Got POLICE QUEST 3 & 4 today … yeah, I have to admit that I never played them before. Bought both of them on ebay and I’m looking forward to some good retro gaming … I *loved* PQ2 when it came out, I played it numerous times.
      At MobyGames, I read that Jim Walls left Sierra in 1993 “reportedly in anger and after an ugly scene” … does anyone know what happened?
      I doubt the Jim Walls listed as working on BLADE RUNNER and EARTH & BEYOND is the same Jim Walls … does anyone know what Jim (the PQ Jim) is up to these days?

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      i was a huge fan of the first two PQ games. i played them when i was a kid. couldn’t play the third one because it was never released for the mac (big disappointment for me, i’d supposedly had it back ordered for months and then sierra sent me a card saying it would never come… bleah). PQ4 was released for the mac though. it’s very different from the first three, but still a good game. i like very realistic games and liked how the graphics were done in this one (especially at the mini mart!)

      i acquired PQ3 for the pc a few years ago and started it, but haven’t finished. maybe i should go back to it. the driving was very difficult for me but i have a slower machine now that i could try it on. unless your computer’s old, you’re definitely going to need moslo or turbo… i first tried playing PQ3 on a 366MHz processor and couldn’t get through the driving without moslo.


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      (re:Police Quest Area) Hey,
      Recently I bought the gray box edition of Kings Quest ii from ebay, the seller just happened to be Steve Walls, Jim Walls’ son. I wrote to him voicing my appreciation for his father’s games and he replied with some cool info. I guess Jim was working for Electronic Arts helping with console games. His latest and last work was The Legend of Black Kat(I think that was the title, its a pirate game). He recently retired from there and is living in California still. Steve also told me some neat things about PQ and Iceman. Sonny and Steve from PQ1 were named after two of Jim’s sons, Sonny and Steve. The man depicting the main character(can’t remember the name) on the Codename:Iceman box is Jim’s youngest son and the girl with the blanket or hood on is his daughter. Anyway I don’t have Jim’s email but his son told me that he always loves hearing how much people appreciated his games and the impact they had.


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