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      Hey guys, here’s a nice easy chart if you’re looking for PQ2 copyright protection. There’s 10 portraits in the manual, but only 7 of those 10 are in the game’s resource files and appear randomly at the start of the game (at least, for version 1.001.000 of the game). Rather than scan from the manual, here’s the portraits as they appear in the game, making it nice and easy to match them up if you print this out.


      Ken, whenever I try to load the document manager, the window appears but doesn’t load anything inside the window, and my browser, IE 6.0.2800.1106 freezes.

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      I just did a major upgrade .. In fact, I’ve upgraded a couple of times today.

      Two things to try:

      1) Try it again – maybe you were trying while I was upgrading
      2) Clear your cache and try it again

      -Ken W

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      Cool. I remember when I first got my hands on the game, I would just type Baines for everyone….I could never find it in the stores..

      Then Sierra ran a 2 for one deal, and I was able to direct order both PQ1 & 2, and KQ1 & KQ2….I was disappointed they had stopped selling the AGI version of KQ1 by then.

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