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      I can remember when I first played Police Quest 1, that I got stuck for weeks trying to figure out the number you had to ring in the hotel room to call a cab (411)

      I live outside of the US, so I had no idea what the hell the 411 number was. I remember thinking it detracted from the game slightly, because I had to get assistance before I could complete the game.

      Did anyone else find this when they played?

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      Yeah, I had the same problem. If I remember right, my copy was bugged or something because I remember dialing 411 but getting a funky message instead of the cab co. number. Of course, I could have just not thought of it at the time…I was just a kid then.

      After I got the number, I happily continued on my way and finished the game. Except for that one hint, PQ1 was the only game that I played from start to finish without help…I was addicted.

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