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      I tried from changing the compatibility mode to Windows 95 to Virtual PC then to Dosbox.  I could never gotten the games to work on my current PC (now Windows XP).  These are some the best games that I have ever played.  So good in fact, I bought more than 1 copy of each before I even own CD/DVD burner just in case I can no longer find them and to use them as a backup copy.

      Has anybody gotten these games to work on XP?  I hate to throw away these games.

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      I also had some problems running Phantasmagoria I and II on XP. See the following links for more information.

      Phantasmagoria I:

      Phantasmagoria II:

      Good luck!

      PS: Both solutions worked for me Smiley

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      Forget the Inferno link as the P2DOS patch cannot be used in XP. The batch file needs to be modified for XP. You can find a version that will work in XP on The Sierra Help Pages. Also VDMS is a dead end program. It requires the heavily flawed NTVDM, which  isn’t even included with many newer versions of Windows. Vlad Romascanu, author of VDMS, has abandoned it. DOSBox is, by far, the best solution.

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