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      Will there be a phantasmagoria 3 or phantasmagoria remake?

      I love this game. ๐Ÿ™‚

      Best regards,


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      I'd love it — but, probably not…   

      -Ken W

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      I know it's a long shot but have you ever thought of doing a kickstarter to get the funds for Phanstasmaorgia 3?

      My only worry is it'd lose it's charm and become some kind of 3d game like today when i'm looking for the good ol' 2d and FMV. I'm stuck in my old ways   

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      I would love to see a Phantasmagoria 3! Especially if it was more like Roberta's Phantasmagoria 1.

      My guess is that it will never happen, but I don't completely understand why not. Phantasmagoria was a huge hit for us. It was killed by the acquisition of Sierra. It's a long story, the short version of which is that the company who acquired us had people in their sales organization who disagreed with the content in Phantasmagoria on religious grounds. Basically, they didn't push it, and without a sales/marketing effort the game stopped selling prematurely. 

      I've thought about doing a Kickstarter to do another Phantasmagoria style game, or simply calling Activision (or, whoever owns the rights these days) to ask if they'd fund the game .. or, simply funding it ourselves. But … at this point Roberta and I are happily retired. We miss doing games, but we don't miss having to stay put for years to build a game. We like travel too much!

      -Ken W

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      Wow! Ken williams himself answering that! Waiting for his book next month.

      It would be amazing to see that kickstarter. Phantasmagoria was an awsome game, ahead of his time and mind blowing.

      Hope you two make a game (or more than one) again

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      A third Phantasmagoria game would be good. Since Ken & Roberta have that boat, perhaps it could be related to the sea. Maybe aboard an abandoned cruise ship that had been sending out a distress signal for weeks, and some retired cop-turned-shrimper (more of a hobby than a career) receives the distress call. Something evil is lurking below.

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      Somehow hoping this would ever happen… remake would be fine (even if it were just making the original work on recent os) however a number 3 would be super!

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      Jelena Koivumรคki

      Oh yes, I’d love to see green lights for Phantasmagoria 3. I really love both of the original ones, aPoF especially (I’m actually playing it right now!). I’ve been a Sierra fan ever since I got my first 386 and been playing Sierra games ever since – nearly every single day of my life. And I’m not ashamed to tell you this, even though I’ll turn 39 next month! ๐Ÿ˜€

      There are several other titles I’d love to see new games in: Laura Bow, Quest for Glory, Leisure Suit Larry, Krondor, Space Quest… gosh, I love them all. ๐Ÿ™‚

      Greetings from Finland, I’m really looking forward to any possible new “Sierra” games! Hi to any ex-Sierra people, you’re the best! ๐Ÿ˜€

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      Oliver WeiรŸ

      I come from Germany and Phantasmagoria 1 from Roberta Willams was a great Game. I love it so much. Thats that the Horror that i love.
      I have play it with 16 Years the First Time.
      It was very difficult for me. My parents always kept an eye on me. But he Story was soooo great and
      exciting. I have play it in 3 Days.
      Today I still have the original packaging from back then. And i play it with my Dosbox or a Windowsinstaller. Thanks.

      I wish a new Game from Roberta and Ken!!!! Please Ken and Roberta ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

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      Was there any drawn up plans for a Phantasmagoria 3? Any round table talk about plot that can be shared with us?

      I think I read someplace that Roberta was inspired by the Shining. Wonder what her other influences were for the first game.

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      Ken Williams

      Was there any drawn up plans for a Phantasmagoria 3? Any round table talk about plot that can be shared with us?

      Roberta and I have talked many times about “What comes next?”

      A lot will depend on if people like the game I am working on now, and if I can convince Activision to let me use some of the old series.

      We’ve put no energy into thinking about what a game would actually be, beyond Roberta saying that Laura Bow and Phantasmagoria would be at the top of her list to work on.

      -Ken W

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      Mike Schulz

      I can’t wait for your new game to come out. Been a fan of the Sierra adventures since the late 80s. (Was kinda hard with the parser for someone whose 1st language is not English.)

      If there is not a new Laura Bow game coming, has Roberts ever thought about doing crime novels?

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        Ken Williams

        If there is not a new Laura Bow game coming, has Roberts ever thought about doing crime novels?

        We haven’t given up on there being a new Laura Bow game. It is certainly possible.

        Both Roberta and I read a lot of true crime novels. Currently, Roberta is focused on our game, and has big plans for the next game after this one. But .. at some point, I could easily seeing her doing a crime book.

        -Ken W

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      John B

      Hi there, I am a huge fan of Sierra games and loved Phantasmagoria when it was released those few years ago (quite a few now). I absolutely loved the engaging storyline and the suspense and horror and special effects were amazing. Iโ€™d love it if there were a new game (number 3). If you ever wanted people to help in anyway Iโ€™d be happy to help if I could and Iโ€™m sure many others would too who are huge fans. Iโ€™d love a good interactive fmv game again. Also, with the recent trend in remastered games, would there ever be and plans to remaster and re-release the games for current gen computers and consoles in HD? Thank you to you Ken and Roberta and your teams for creating such fun gaming experiences that kept many many people including me and all of my friends entertained for years.

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      JASON TU

      I grew up with Sierra adventure games and absolutely love Phantasmagoria. Imagine how amazing it would be to have a survival horror game with Phantasmagoria-style storyline that runs on Oculus Quest 2 headset!! As a matter of fact, the adventure game genre is perfect for VR headset.

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      A remake of either Phantasmagoria 1 or 2 in a style that was done like they did for Gabrielle Knight would be awesome.
      If that’s not possible though I would settle for a patch that adds subtitles to both games so they could be played by def players. (This should be possible using SCUMM VM, as a think a subtitle patch in another language may already exist for one of the games)

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      Thiago E Knop

      Please !!! More point and click games ! Those are amazing. Full throttle, phantasmagoria, day of the tentacle ! Please we really want another phantasmagoria !!! I like both games 1 and 2 .

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