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      I wrote Roberta about this when the game first came out.  It was the first game I played on windows 95.
      I felt that the rape scene in the bedroom was a mistake.  It mixed sex and violence.  Writers such as Stephen King never mix sex and violence, because it can feed into some delusional persons sick fantasies.
      Always keep the clean normal sex separate from the violence.

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      That’s quite a bit stretched, don’t you think? The game has an M-rating for a reason. The scene (which took place in the bathroom btw) fitted well in the plot of how Donald transformed from a loving husband to a possessed murderer. If that should have been left out as a precaution because some delusional person might get funny ideas, then they might aswell ban all M-rated products and the internet too. No no, i strongly disagree.

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      I agree with Rudy.

      However, Dan’s concern is valid and this is why Sierra offered players the option of playing a censored version of the game which omits that scene entirely.  Roberta has been asked about this scene numerous times and says that she doesn’t regret the scene because it fit the story so well.

      If the scene were that offensive, I’m sure Phantasmagoria would have received the Ao (Adults only) rating which is a higher rating than M (Mature).

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      Hello guys!

      I played the game when it first came out and I was delighted with it! I recall that game being the first one to have full motion video all along as an adventure game! It was brilliant! And, the rape scene was indeed well done considering the plot; Donald’s “transformation”! Nothing to say against it! Players who would probably feel themselves offended had an option to disable the scene, so there’s nothing to be said against it! 🙂

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