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      Hi. I recently managed to find a copy of the floppy version of GK1. I love this game, but I’m stuck on Day 5. The game freezes when the phone rings. I’ve tried using DosBox and Turbo to no avail. I downloaded a patch that updated it the game to version 1.0b, which allowed me to bypass the freeze, but I was forced to restart because I had forgotten something. Now, I’m back up to Day 5 and the patch doesn’t help me. If anyone has a saved game or patch that will help me, I’d really appreciate it.

      Here’s the specs for my PC:

      • Windows 98
      • 500 Mghz Processing Speed
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      Have you tried setting the game speed to its utter maximum before the phone rings? This will make Gabriel move rather awkwardly fast, but it *should* allow you to bypass that particular bug.


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