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      Steve A Lewis

      So much to say…

      Late last year, as I exited the south end of Yosmite – I found myself in Oakhurst. That bear is still there. And I stood in the old Sierra HQ parking lot, waiting for a spaceship to land. For recent as-if-2021 photos, see the very bottom of my notes here:

      San Francisco, California (2021)

      I re-watched Halt and Catch Fire, a TV-series from 2014 that depicts a distorted telling of the rise of computers from the late 1970s and 1980s. To me, the character Cameron Howe represents a combination of both Ken and Roberta (I don’t think any character in that series corresponds 1:1 to any real-life person). There is one episode where Donna, a sort of partner/nemesis of Cameron, is a bit drunk – but relaxing a home, she has reached the final ending of Cameron’s epic magnus opus game. And she gets a sentimental vibe realizing what the game was about: the character is a lost child. See the series to make your own interpretation, but to me all that represented some aspects about KQ7 (in a way).

      And, I certainly understand Roberta’s reluctance to being back in the public. The modern public is very cruel and judgmental (well, the online “social medias”) – why risk it. For example, consider the treatment of J. K. Rowling – however one agrees or disagrees with her opinions, that’s the key point: they are opinions. Maybe potential criticism has nothing to do with public avoidance, but still, it’s a concern for anyone these days putting themselves ‘out there’.

      Ken and Roberta: you two are like parents to us, who grew up on Sierra and InterAction magazine. Figuratively, of course, no disrespect to your own children or our own parents. My parents are still with me, and we all have a great relationship – but I know way-back, that wasn’t the case for many peers — while their parents were having issues, we enjoyed new Sierra releases and InterAction articles. So you were proxy parents, by the titles and stories you made available. Thank You for that!

      I imagine whatever game you’re cooking up will be a Download, if it’s Unity based? But in the retro scene, there are still some “boxed games” still released. I know you “old-Californians” probably still have your own network of talents – but please see the 8BitGuy, who released a couple Commodore, PC, and Apple titles over the past few years – I ordered a couple, and the boxes and manual are done very well. He also has a YT video about folding and copying the disks (with family and friend help), perhaps similar to the very early Sierra days. He’d be a very good source to promote the game, having a fairly large following and is very genuine in his presentations.

      If you do a boxed release, please include a keyboard-overlay fold out, and/or a cloth map 🙂 [ map was a Richard play, but still, we’d get the sentiment! ]

      On the other hand, maybe you’re cooking up a VR play, to launch big into the Metaverse? That’s Sierra, blazing the trail again.

      Sierra OnLine was epic, but the 1999 vibes still resonate. Could you guys get away with releasing under Daventry Studios? 😉

      Eitherway, we stand ready to support this adventure!

      Cheers and safe travels, and everyone else: don’t rush the creative process here 😀

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