Ooh.. a memory.

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      I just had a memory jar into me. It was 1990, and I started playing The Dark Crystal on my Apple IIe for the 4th time. It was quite a challenging game. I had it so I called Sierra’s tech support and asked if there was a hintline or a place to get more information on playing it. The csr said one minute, came back and said she had the map and clues for The Dark Crystal on paper and would mail them to me.

      Next thing you know, I am playing The Dark Crystal and getting through it thanks to the maps and clues that were sent.

      I would have to say Ken, not only did you make great games, but had great customer support. I cannot count how many times Sierra’s support team were knowledgable and helpful. For a time when software was still fairly new, you guys had a far advanced support for software.



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