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      Hallo Ken and Roberta… I am hailing from Athens, Greece, and as I see, perhaps i am the only Greek here.. quite natural I must say!

      I am in my 20’s and please allow me to write some lines about my past: I possessed an Amiga and quite early I fell in love with the Adventure genre. The first adventure I saw was Larry 1, and I must say, the typing interface reminded me of some space AI computers in sci-fi movies… ‘hey, I can communicate with that funny white guy.. look, I type ‘open door’ and he opens it! isn’t it fantastic???’

      I was a total geek for greek standards.. instead of being interested in football, rock/pop music, cars and girls, I liked to explore the Adventure fantasy worlds, take notes etc… I was not a good adventurer, after all English is my second language.. I needed solutions from now and then..

      In those pre-internet eras, Adventure gaming was some strange way of communication.. greek pc magazines had correspodence with Adventurers and fed us with hints and solutions… playing Adventures was some kind of connection with other adventurers who needed help like me, and others who answered my questions in the magazines

      I thought that ‘you have changed my life’ sounds a bit geeky, but after all I read this from other fans… so I feel secure saying it: Conqests of Camelot revealed to me my love for medieval music, QfG made me a fantasy fan… my first favourite composer was Mark Siebert!

      The PC times finally came, and I was never able to fill my collection of Sierra games.. thanks Abandonware!! I am at last able to play and finish games I was hearing of!! Adventure games are over, so what? Many fans will keep their spirit alive and will still share games and opinions through internet.. I admit it’s a bit difficult to find other interessants, but anyway…

      So here it is, a brief story of my geeky gaming life.. now that Cristi Marx, Al Lowe, Mark Siebert etc have homepages, an undreamed of wish is now a fact.. I can communicate with you and say a humble ‘thank you’… you are not celebrities, stars, saviours of the world or something, but you were some old hidden friends who communicated to us through 16 colours… those colours who gave food to our dreams and thoughts and kept company some lonely rainy nights…

      finally nice to meet you

      a tear worth for the old days of our youth..

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