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      Dear Ken and Roberta,

      As I’ve read in the forums, although you have tons of “thank you”s, I would like to send you mine.
      I have two boys, now they are 18 and 9 years old.
      I should have written this 9 years ago, to say thank you for everything good you have done to my oldest kid. 
      We live in Brazil, and through KQ6, he learned basic english by himself, and got interested in studying it further.
      I could say all he is now was started or driven by the game. He got interested in History, and most important, he discovered how wonderfull it is to learn, to find a solution and not to give up until you “get there”.
      The politeness of Alexander, his good will, certainly influenced my son´s way of beeing. (forgive my bad english…)
      The game also made we get closer, as we used to play together. I remember how long we tried to get rid of the minotaur, and how he found the answer by reading a book, while we were traveling. When we went back home, he urged to the game to try and it worked!! It was great!

      Now he attends a major law school, and sure is in a good path in his life.

      I decided to write this, because fortunately my other son is starting to play KQ6 too, and we both enjoy solving the puzzles, as I´ve forgot many of them now.  

      Thank you very much!

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