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      First of all, I don’t know who would agree with me on this, but if Sierra had any sense what-so-ever, they’d re-release all the old Quest games and the other batches of games done by the William’s. I think they’d bank off of them, since so many people want them. Anyway, I just think they’re retarded because since all Sierra cares about is money now, they could be rolling around in wads of profits made off old games, and probably still have enough to give a hefty percentage to Ken, Roberta, Al, Josh, etc…

      Anywho, if anyone has Kazaa, you can more or less download every Sierra game. With a few of the CD-ROM exceptions. Off of Kazaa I’ve gotten, KQ 1-6 plus the VGA remake of one, SQ 1-5 plus the Remake, PQ 1-5 plus remake, HQ/QFG 1-4 plus remake, and LSL 1-7 plus remake. The one’s excluded were the one’s that were not also available on floppy. All of them work great, and it saved me a lot of time trying to find these all over the place. You won’t find KQ 7 or 8, QFG 5, however i found a copy at EB for .99 cents, good buy in my book, and SQ 6. However they do have LSL 7 available. It doesn’t work on my computer. After I escape the fire at the beginning it freezes and doesn’t work. Some of the games are large, specifically SQG 4 being 14 megs and LSL 7 a whopping 104. I have DSL so it doesn’t matter, but still a 56 k person would benefit. So hope this info helps. It’s great to see how these games have made such a fanbase and how after all these years so many people are still into this. So hope this helps everyone, good luck.

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