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      I guess this is a very discussed topic (or maybe not), but I was wandering…
      Why don’t company’s reedit their old games all in the same collection ?
      I mean, I what to buy games I was not able to when I was a kid, and I find it very dificult to find them all in the same “collection”.
      For example, I was looking for the Gabriel Knight games, and found a reedited GK3, but can’t find GK2 or GK1 anywhere.
      Another example I find very odd … I bought Space Quest 4 out of a bargain collection called “Crucial”. Oddly enough I was not able to find any of the other SQ titles in the same collection ? I find it weird… why SQ4 and not the others ?
      One should expect that if someone buys a game from a known series, it will most likely buy the other titles from that same series.
      I live in Portugal, and as often happens on small countries, the videogame distribuition is not something to be proud of. Should I blame the local software distribuition, or is it a worldwide problem ?
      Please excuse my lousy english…I’m trying to improve.

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      (re: Old games re-release) Your lucky if you can find older games in bargain bins at all. My best bet is too look in ‘previously played’ bins. I found some oldies in there. Usually they have been sold by someone who didn’t have that love for oldies. Luckily I nabbed GK3 before it fell off the market here…
      I saw the PQ collection in there before….I better go back and nab that too before it’s too late. I’ve yet to play SWAT.

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      (re: Old games re-release) Yeah I know how it is, I’m from Iceland and I was lucky to actually get so many of the old Sierra games I have now. In fact I often bought games when I wasn’t allowed to, but I’m glad I did, maybe two months later it was not available any longer.
      I own most of the old sierra games becouse I bought the collections or tricked my family to give them to me as presents 😉

      Of coure then I go to Norway (moved there in Junge), and they seem to have decided to empty their dusty shelves in the storage and I found alot of old games I already had on a very cheap price…. grrr I hate when that happens, but of coures becouse they were on special they were quick to disappear.

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      (Wow your’e lucky ) to find old Sierra games over there.. Anyway, if one is looking for old Sierra games, a very good place is to buy the “Collection” series (that includes all or most of the titles) of the game series he wants, probobly available on eBay.com … that’s the only place where you can surely find what you want. Note that apart from the many “Collections” series for each of the game-series, Sierra re-released many titles under “Sierra Originals”, also available somewhere..

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      (re: Old games re-release)

      This is a question that has boggled my mind for years – why on god”s green earth, when CD technology has led to almost insignificant production costs, do companies like VU feel it unnecessary and unprofitable to re-release classic games? If there isn”t enough demand to justify adding shelf space in a retail store, why don”t the companies offer the games online? Hell, they could even offer them just for download! Perhaps Ken, or another present or former manager, could explain the practical business reasons for not doing this, if there are any. I can”t think of a single one aside from personal politics inside the company – VU management might have beef with the Williams, so they won”t re-release Roberta”s games. Same deal with Al Lowe, etc.

      A great exception to this rule is Rockstar Games. They have begun to offer their older games online for free, even with updated game engines so the older games can be played on modern systems without bugs: http://www.rockstargames.com/classics 

      Why is this the exception instead of the norm?

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      (re: re: Old games re-release)

      Gabriel Knight 3 is still available on store shelves in New Zealand as a Sierra Best Seller in a DVD style box, but none others.

      In the last 6 weeks I have managed to buy new off Ebay every single Sierra Talkie game, and at a total cost of only $142 US dollars excluding shipping.

      Games I have got in the last 6 weeks new are:


      The only downside is that you only get the jewel case or DVD case – so its not for collectors only those who want to play the games.

      In my opinion thats the best way to do it and just pirate the non talkie ones because the people who made them (like Roberta and Al Lowe) will not profit from them.

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      (re: Old games re-release) >>
      If there isn”t enough demand to justify adding shelf space in a retail store, why don”t the companies offer the games online? Hell, they could even offer them just for download!

      I thought about this a lot due, my opinion was always that they were afraid to include a free sound driver for XP and test games to make sure timing is right on fast computers. 🙂

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