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      First of all, I would like to thank Ken Williams for creating this website and keeping it open (and, of course, for creating Sierra in the first place:), as well as the person who scanned in all of the old hintbooks. 

      Now there’s one thing I’m really interested in. If there was more than one version of a particular Sierra game, then only one hint book is provided on this website. Specifically, Space Quest 1, Police Quest 1, and Quest for Glory 1 have the hintbooks for the VGA remakes, while Leisure Suit Larry 1 and King’s Quest 1 apparently have the hintbooks for the original games. 

      I am interested in seeing if I can find the hintbooks for the versions of the games that were not scanned and published on this site. From I can tell by looking around the web (particularly on eBay), Sierra published hintbooks in this era in two formats. The first ones published used the invisible ink common to 1980s gamebooks (such as Infocom’s InvisiClues), while later they went to covering the answers with red print, which was common in the early 1990s. The problem with the invisible ink ones is that they fade after a few years (not to mention they need a pen not produced today) rendering they almost worthless to anyone today who wants to read their clues.

      So, far the only versions of the hintbooks for the original King’s Quest 1, Space Quest 1, and Police Quest 1 that I have been able to find on the internet have been the invisible ink kind. Were red print concealed versions of these hintbooks ever published? In a similar vein, was a hintbook for the VGA remake of Leisure Suit Larry 1 ever created?

      I would be grateful if someone could tell me (and even more grateful if anyone had any ideas of where those books, if they exist, could be acquired:)

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