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      One other thing — Sierra did release an offline version of Yserbius and Twinion (but not Cawdor I think). It allowed you to play the game all you wished while not having to pay connect fees.
      I still have that softare kicking around somewhere, and I’m sure it’s out there on the net also if you’re craving a bit of Yserbius or Twinion. I may even have my little green notebook that contained all my cheat notes, but I it’s all buried in some impossibly non-descript and dusty box.
      It was the offline version that allowed me to figure out how to hack “Death Darts.” Remember that awesome spell? By using Sourcer, which was a program for decompiling code, and Turbo Debugger by Borland (on two computers linked by a serial cable of all things – gak what primitive technology) I was able to find the “Death Dart” subroutine and modify it to an obscene level.
      That was fun for the offline game but didn’t work online since all the monsters would be dead for me but not everyone else. Bummer. You could only use that one when playing by yourself.

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      I found a Value-Priced release version of this a while ago, including both Yserbius and Twinion. I’ve never played these games before, and I haven’t really looked at them or tried playing them yet, but I’ll get around to it sooner or later. Not a bad VP release, in case anyone else out there runs across it. At least it came with a real manual (not photocopies). The VP releases generally seem better than the SLASH releases are.

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