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      I’ve begrudgingly started selling off some of my old games. I ran across a couple of titles (LSL3 and Iceman) that I have no idea where or when I got them. They’re sealed, one has a label from a store as used, but the odd thing about them is they have the slip off cover as usual, but with a white box that can be opened from the end.

      The covers have the system requirement labels printed on the art, no sticker. On Iceman it’s in the regular place, on LSL3 it’s in the bottom center of the cover as well as a barcode on the spine of the box. I can’t recall ever seeing any Sierra games like this back in the old days.

      Another peculiar thing is the cardboard edge for the sleeve on Iceman is dark unlike any other sleeve I’ve seen. I’m beginning to think these might be counterfeits, but the printing on the covers are very good.

      Anyone have any info on this?


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      I have no idea but would like to see pics of them.  I’ve seem some odd prints before though.  I have a, what appears to be a Korean Quest for Glory 3.  The inside box has odd barcodes and prints on it.

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      Sounds like it just might be a Slash release.

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