New Yosemite resident, met Ken and Roberta’s Gardiner

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      I am a long time fan of Sierra and all the game designers since I was 14 and now that I work and live in Yosemite. Discovered recently one of my co-workers used to be Ken and Roberta’s gardener. 

      His name was Jim and he was fired by Roberta because his work failed to keep consistency!  Jim is a really great guy though and said that Ken used to drive around in a red corvette in a town where you were considered cool if you had a truck that could haul fire wood! Apparently Ken and Roberta used to have parties all the time and they also knew Chris Iden one of the programmers who was apparently addicted to his work but very brilliant. During the conversation where I learned all of these funny little stories -I told them about and all the fan sites that are out there on the Internet And, I went on to tell them about Ken and Roberta’s adventures at sea.  It became obvious to us that Ken must have had a plan from day one.  Who would have thought they would drop everything and go sailing around the world after Wizard and the Princess.

      Maybe the Williams family will see this post and get a laugh.  

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      I don’t know if I’d consider the fact they went sailing after Wizard and the Princess… there might have been a few games… and a few years in between when that came out and their ventures around the world! 😉

      Welcome to the forums!

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