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      Greetings all,

      There’s been a project brewing between Dave Gilbert, well-known amateur adventure designer, and myself for a few months now. It’s called Crooked Mile, and it’s a Police Quest-style point & click adventure. We’re looking to create a compelling, interesting throwback to Golden Age adventures, and we believe we’ve come up with a great police detective story and some great ideas for that story.

      Now we need some help on the technical side. We’re looking for one or two artists, an animator, and a music/sound coordinator to join Wind Tunnel Studios. We are planning to release this game commercially, so there will be some financial compensation involved. We can discuss all the details. We’re looking for serious, long-term commitments, as we have tentative plans for multiple games beyond this one.

      If you are at all interested in being a part of this project, please e-mail us . We’d love to discuss our project further with you. Thanks!

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