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      Don’t read this unless you want a spoiler but I am writing this as an anonymous Activision insider and in the new game you will play King Graham and you must complete all tasks quickly because he has been given an aging spell. This means time is an important element in this game. More spoilers to come.

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      I (and many others) have seen the concept art of the aging Graham when Ken and Roberta visited the Odd Gentlemen about a week ago. Whether an aging spell is part of the story should be revealed soon enough. An official announcement on the game is expected this month.

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      Yeah, I know the guy who made the art. Anyways, I don’t think the announcement this month will talk about the aging spell, you’ll just have to buy it and find out but believe me, it’s going to make the game awesome! More spoilers soon…

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      The aging spell doesn’t make sense since it is known for a fact that Graham will have a granddaughter in the game to whom he tells his story, so he effectively IS old – no spell involved. However, to make sure, I asked the lead developer of the game, and just received confirmation from him that your info on the aging spell is false. Please refrain from making things up.

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      My name is Robert Henderson and I actually do work for Activision. I can confirm with 100% certainty that there is no aging spell in this game. The aging is used for something similar to what Rudy mentioned. I can say however that you will have the ability to choose any member of the Graham family to play. The character you choose will affect the story path allowing for multiple replays.

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