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      Brant Gurganus

      My immediate family’s first computer was a 486-family PC-compatible computer running Dos 5.0 and Windows 3.1. The first quite possibly wrong Sierra-affiliated memory is Take-a-Break Pinball. I and my mom enjoyed pinball and weren’t put off by digital recreations. We killed some SHIFT keys in our time. Most PC pinball games used SHIFT at the time though I saw later games making it configurable or using CTRL keys too.
      At points I did Willy Beamish and King’s Quest and Space Quest. I enjoyed those games, but I think Ken would agree that it was a dark age for PC gaming even as much as Sierra contributed to it.
      I never got to try the Imagination Network (that’s what I always saw it advertised as), though by the time it was under that name, it was possibly past its prime the way Ken tells the story in his recent book. The concept reminds me in some ways of Cyan’s Uru which also I think was quite ahead of its time. I’ll have to inquire sometime if there was familiarity or influence from Imagination Network on the Uru concept.
      Funny fact I learned from the “Not All Fairy Tales Have Happy Endings” book is that Ken worked at Bekins Moving & Storage at one point and I now work at a successor company to it.

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