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      I made a music video of my band with some graphics and pictures of SQIII. It did cost a lot of work and time and to me it looks very nice. Maybe because i played this game many hours when i was younger. I want to ask if it is ok when i publish it on youtube. We don’t earn any money with our music and i think it won’t change. 

      greetings from germany

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      Hi Thorsten. The intellectual property of the Space Quest series (and Sierra as a whole) is in the hands of Activision-Blizzard. It is no longer owned by Ken and Roberta Williams who built the Sierra Gamers site to stay in touch with the fanbase.
      That being said, I see no problem using Sierra images in videos and posting them on Youtube if there is no financial gain involved. Lots of fans, including myself, have lirerally uploaded thousands of Sierra videos.

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