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      I recently bought Mixed Up Mother Goose Deluxe (CD) which requires Windows to run, but not the current 64 bit Windows 7 version I have.  I finally came across a combination of DOSBOX and Windows 3.1 that works.  (Yes, I had a real copy – I don’t throw a lot of stuff away.)

      Anyway, I ran through the game to be sure it worked and when I finished, there was apparently one item left (according to the colored yellow buttons in the lower left), yet I could not find anything else and Mother Goose just told me that her tales were mixed up and needed to be gotten back together!  

      I remember playing this with my younger daughter when she was about 2 or 3 and after we found everything, there was a celebration, Mother Goose thanked her and flew her back home.

      Is there a trick to winning the game?  Was there some kind of disk copy protection that is causing this?

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