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      Hi for anyone interested, I recieved an email from Scott Murphy. I had emailed him roughly a month ago, could have been longer I can’t remember(lol) and here it goes, my email first then his:
      <TT>>Dear Scott, >Ran across your site and noticed it was rather empty. Just wanted to say >hey and that as a kid I grew up on the greatness that were the old Sierra >games. Space Quest was always top on my list though. It’s a shame what >happened to the franchise as well as Sierra. Are you still doing computer >games or designs at all these days? Well thanks for the chance to have >something in life that can always be talked about. Take care. > >Mike Estelle </TT>
      <TT> Hey, Mike, Yeah, I would have forgiven for saying I am the saddest webmaster (lol) in history, I suck, etc. (Did I mention lazy?) Yes, the software world has become something that is not conducive to creativity unless it will work on one of the boxes. I wish someone would let Sierra die and let it regain the mystique it once had. On behalf of all involved in the games you enjoyed, you are more than welcome. We are thankful you played and enjoyed and took the time to write. I’m not personally doing games these days. I’m involved in a family business my grandfather started fifty-something years ago. I never say never (about much) but I’d say the odds of me getting back are fairly astronomical at this time. Thanks again for writing. Take care. – Scott </TT>
      <TT>Pretty cool that I actually got a reply and I thought everyone might wanna get an idea of what he’s doing.</TT>

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      (What Happened to Mark Crowe?) “Where in the World is Mark Crowe?”
      I Really Like His Art Especially His Intro Scene in SQ3 the Robot Cockpit Picking Up Roger’s Drifting Craft. He Signed it at the bottom left corner! and i always thought it was impressive!

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      (re: Message from Scott Murphy) The last time that I was in touch with Mark, he was working at Pipeworks Software. I was conducting an interview with him for my website at the time (sometime in early 2001). He’s still listed as a staff member at Pipeworks’ website, so as far as I know, he’s still there.Best wishes!Jess

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