Memories of me, my father, and Red Baron

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      Playing computer games was one of the few things that we had in common. I remember asking him EVERY SINGLE TIME to install the game for me, 500 disks and all(little did I realize how easy this was…)! He died in 1994 of suicide, and a lot of my memories have faded over time. But most that remain are of us playing Sierra games together. Or him showing KQ4 off to friends while I was playing it (“Look, when Rosella walks, her braids move. Isn’t that awesome!?” Wow. He would bug if he saw games now. ;D) Not to mention, when he died, I was on TSN/INN (Yes, I was a “hate rater”..hehe), and the support and love I got from my friends on there was absolutely wonderful. So than you, thank you, for having such a great impact on my life.

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