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      “Dunno how many of you will even remember this, but back when Sierra On-Line had it’s magazine (later called Interaction, can’t recall off-hand what they called it before that).”

      I can’t believe I remember all this stuff. I know the answer to the Magazine name change. Sierra had a few publications. I kept getting free subscriptions for registering my games.

      The Sierra Newsletter, then Sierra News Magazine, I remember a Sierra/Dynamix News Magazine briefly. A Tree-Hugger group called Called the Sierra Club had a Magazine called “Sierra Magazine” complained about the likeness and confusion of the magazine’s names. Sierra-Online (had to?) changed their Magazine name from “Sierra News Magazine” to “InterAction”. –something like that.

      Maybe Ken can recall the request and effective statements to from The Sierra Club/Group over the name change.

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      (re: Maybe Ken can clear up the magazine name change.) You have it correct. We did get contacted by the Sierra Club (or, at least that’s how I remember it) — saying that our company newsletter was too similarly named to theirs. I have a vague recollection that we went through a few different names trying to settle on one that made everyone happy.

      My brother John came up with the name InterAction – which was a huge hit. I can’t believe Sierra’s new owners scrapped the magazine within months of the takeover. It was a key part of our success.

      Oh well…

      -Ken W

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