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      I have been a long time fan of Sierra, the games, and the individuals behind those games. I started playing Sierra games back in the late 80’s or early 90’s (hard to remember exactly) on my XT clone. Today I am the lead software developer for a data management company. I owe much of my early interest in computers to Sierra.

      With each game came the excitement of exploring a new world and the awe of the technology and creativity behind it. I fondly remember buying Space Quest III. After playing other Sierra games I remember how I could not wait to get home and start playing. I felt this same excitement for Kings Quest, Leisure Suit Larry, and other Sierra games. I have not felt that same level of excitement with any other game I have ever played. Sure there is some excitement but it is not the same.

      Sierra offered more than just great games; it offered something richer you could not get from any other company. When playing the games, reading about their authors, and later with the Interaction magazine, I felt a certain connection to Sierra and the individuals who designed the games. It was this connection along with great games that created a total experience like none other. I, like many on your site, had always dreamed of working at Sierra and witnessing its culture and technology first hand.

      I personally believe that you and Roberta both possess a unique sense of forward thinking creativity that is not found in the gamming industry today. I can honestly tell you that in all the games I have ever played none of them held a candle next to Sierra’s games. In closing, I would like to personally thank you and Roberta for your dedication, creativity, and hard work that brought me all many years of wonder and excitement.

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