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      Mr. Williams:

      First time poster here. After a week or so of reviewing what other Sierra gamers had to say and reliving some long forgotten happy memories of Questing, I felt compelled to write a note. Now, I realize that I’m not going to say much that hasn’t already been said, but I am one of the many people who grew up on Sierra. After seeing King’s Quest on a friend’s old IBMjr, I immediately went home to beg and plead with my father for a computer of our own. In truth, my love affair with Sierra goes back even further – to the cartridge game B.C.’s Quest for Tires, a precursor to Mario Brothers and maybe more fun. I think I had that game for the Coleco Vision, but I’m not certain anymore.

      All I do remember is that I grew up with Sierra and every Christmas list I made from my earliest recollection had a Sierra title on it. In fact, I remember finding Quest for Glory II stashed away by my parents a few days before Christmas. I was so excited that I secretly opened the game, took out the contents, played and finished it, all before it was actually given to me as a present. Maybe not the right thing to do, but I was just that excited to receive another Sierra game for Christmas. Whether it was the newest King’s Quest, Space Quest, Police Quest, Quest for Glory, Gabriel Knight, or just about any game you ever released from Sierra – I always looked forward to playing it, beating it, replaying it, and waiting with eager anticipation for the next installment.

      I don’t play games on the computer much any more. I’ve long since grown tired of first person shooters. It seems my computer routine now focuses on e-mail or the next productivity software. Yawn! I miss my adventure games!Recently, I found some fan made games and sites promising even greater things to come (Space Quest 7 and King’s Quest 9 look like they will be first rate). I downloaded a game called Quest for Glory 4 1/2 and enjoyed every second of meeting some old friends (even if there are some peculiar twists). I know there are some adventure games out there, but the idea of you and Roberta (thank you, thank you, thank you, Roberta for some of the most immersive, imaginative, and magnificent games ever dreamed) coming back on the scene fills me with excitement and anticipation that I thought long dead when it comes to computer games. While I’m thrilled that you’re enjoying retirement, I would love to see your names attached to a project once more. Whether through your own company (my preference, since there would be no corporate limitations to your dreams) or through an existing company, it would be the spark that rekindles my love for computer games.

      I learned to type with early Sierra games and learned to hone my imagination and skills of investigation through all the wonderful Sierra games. Like so many posters here, I long dreamed of developing ideas for Sierra (I have a doozy for Al Lowe, based on my experiences as a Mall Security Guard) and would love to see the resurgence of the adventure game genre – especially one led by the very people who made adventure games so great – Ken and Roberta Williams. And if you could get some of the greats from Sierra to rejoin you, who knows what the future could hold. I’ll be hoping for that happy news, Mr. Williams. In the meantime, I’ll be enjoying the posts and hope that you and Roberta are enjoying your retirement.

      Best wishes,

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