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      I’ve found several design, and code, flaws in the code that handles the mailing list. That’s the good news…
      The bad news is that I’ve just arrived at my home in Mexico, after two weeks in Brazil and Argentina — and, my internet connection isn’t working. I’m using a bad dial-up connection to the US, and trying to convince TelMex to come fix my DSL connection.
      I have a MAJOR upgrade to the system, which also includes a major overhaul of the mailing list feature. I also have done MAJOR upgrade to the entire bulletin board system. The whole website should run infinitely faster.
      I’m not sure when I can upload all this code — I’m at the mercy of TelMex, who took three months to show the last time I called them. They claim they will be here this afternoon, but I’ll believe it when I see it.
      Anyway … expect perhaps a bit of weirdness when I install the new software (as I shake down any bugs I introduced) … I’ll get the new code online (and me online) as soon as I can.
      Thank you!
      -Ken Williams

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      (Re: Major upgrades soon) Ah, Argentina… I used to live there for two years in Buenos Aires. I remember it as a beautiful city, although I was only in elementary school when I lived there (late 80’s).
      Good luck updating the site!

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      (re: Major upgrades soon) The new version is installed!!!!
      Thus far, it looks good — other than a few pictures I’ve noticed that are missing.
      I unsubscribed EVERYONE from the email list. If you would like to be on the (
      mailing list, just select it on the “My Account” page, on the “System” menu.
      One other thing to note:
      On the message boards, they are now in “correct” sequence, meaning that are displayed in forward chronological order, not in reverse order, as they were. To get to the most recently posted message, on the longer threads, just click on the >> symbol at the top of the page. I am working on something that will make this simpler — but, wanted to get this version online before doing anything else.
      You should notice dramatic speed increase on the message boards…
      -Ken W
      PS Email me with any bizarre behaviour, and I’ll look into it right away.

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      (Re: Major upgrades soon) Ken,
      I have not really dug into the system update yet, but so far everything seems to be running well and I’m enjoying the improvements.

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