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      I’ve only recently become the proud owner of an Apple Mac. I’ve been trying to get some games running on it, so far with little success. (This thread follows on from my Quest for Glory 5 Mac thread.) I’d greatly appreciate if anyone can help me with these issues:

      1. I’ve downloaded some old Mac games. Most of these are compressed in .sit format. I then downloaded every available PC and Mac version of StuffIt I could find. Next (using StuffIt) I decompressed these games on to my hard drive. I then wrote a CD containing the various Mac versions of StuffIt (in a strange .hqx format), all the games in their original compressed format, as well as subdirectories containing the games’ files as decompressed on my PC. I’ve managed to get the Mac (a PowerMac 7100/80 with Mac OS 8.1) to read the CD, HOWEVER, every single file on the CD is seen as a text document. Even installer files are seen as text documents, and thus won’t run. Now what am I to do?

      2. Can I take out the current Mac CD-ROM drive and install a bog standard (but significantly faster) IBM-compatible PC CD-ROM drive? The drive in there now is rather slow (faster than the 2X speed with which the computer originally came out with, but still slow).

      I hope someone can help!

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      Rather than writing the decompressed files out to CD-ROM you should
      burn the StuffIt archives themselves to the CD-ROM.  The Mac
      should immediately recognize the .sit/StuffIt files.  Copy them to
      a directory on your hard drive.  If I were you I would create a
      folder called Downloads and then create a folder for each of the game
      series and copy the .sit files to each directory.  After that you
      should drag the files to the StuffIt Expander alias the setup program
      should’ve automatically created.  The reason you shouldn’t
      decompress the files on your PC is that the PC doesn’t understand
      Macintosh files and as a result they become corrupted.  Numerous
      people on Apple’s Discussions forums recommend you transfer the .sit
      files only to the Mac you’ll use the game on for that very reason.

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      Hey, Craig, thanks for reply!

      The Mac doesn’t have StuffIt on it.  I’ve downloaded various versions of StuffIt and wrote that to the same CD.  For some reason, StuffIt (the program itself) wouldn’t install and was also read as a text document.

      I’ve heard that you need some kind of special utility to write Mac-readable CD’s on a PC ???

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