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      Temporary message and picture header in this area to get Ken’s attention.
      Ken, I’m trying to add nice picture headers to all the areas, but am running into a few problems.
      1) When images are embedded, it automatically resizes them. I don’t want it to do this. Either give the option as when images are added as attachments, or just don’t make it resize at all.
      2) The image won’t center. I tried doing it with the interface “center” button, then I tried various different tags in the HTML view, but none of it worked.
      EDIT: 3) OK, I’ve solved the center problem, but a bit awkwardly. When you center something, it should just center. The image resize problem still remains. Right now, I’ve told it what width it should be, but of course when I uploaded it the image was shrunk so now, blown up, it looks bad. It’s true, I know how I could get around this by cheating, but I’d rather the functionality was there properly.

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      (re: LSL Chat Area – Picture Header) Brandon:
      There are LOTS of bugs in the editor. I have a major new release of the editor that should go live sometime in the next two weeks. It solves everything you mentioned. It’s on a beta server now if you want to play with it. Just let me know and I’ll send you the URL for the beta server and activate you on the server.
      Sorry about the bugs – the editor is the only major piece of code in this product that I didn’t write. Unfortunately, the company whose editor I’m using ( promised a new release a year ago, and I’ve been waiting ever since. I finally made the decision to go with a competitor of theirs, which has meant weeks of rewriting a lot of code that surrounds the editor.
      Oh well… that’s the sort of stuff that makes this a fun hobby. If there was nothing to complain about, what fun would I have?
      -Ken W
      PS Just to let everyone know… On May 8th, Roberta and I start on a cross-Atlantic voyage on our boat. We’ll be at sea for about two months, and may or may not have internet connectivity. My hope is that this system will run with or without me, and that only my occasional comments will be lacking. That said – it is not impossible that something major will break and the system will disappear for a few days, or even (gasp) a week or two. Should this occur, don’t worry. I’ll find land sooner or later, and fix whatever went wrong — and, hopefully have something interesting to say about the trip. Of most interest to this website: Roberta is taking boxes of books that she calls “research.” She is in the very early stages of game design, and sees the time at sea as a chance to get some serious work done. I’ll report back as I learn more about what she is thinking….

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      (re: LSL Chat Area – Picture Header) Ken,
      Sounds good. I am in my last few days of school and, procrastinating my last few things that need to be done, have done a bunch of cleanup on the site as well as started playing around with a lot of new ideas for the different areas of the site, primarily concerning the format of museum and chat areas and also starting to process the stuff I scanned from you.
      In any event, I too am looking forward to the next months as time to get stuff done. I hope both Roberta and I are equally productive! Good luck as you prepare for the trip. And as we somewhat previously discussed, both Brad and I will be sure to take good care of things around here if you can’t be around as much due to your internet connectivity.

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