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      ong time no talk, Ken.

      I read your notice in the other sub about the new version you’re releasing a few days.. Infinitely faster? I take it you have discovered the magic of ADO getrows 🙂

      a few suggestions?

      any plans on implementing paging or sorting? Things are quite managable now but when you get to the point where you have a bazillion posts, things will start to get hairy. I have code I can send you if you’re interested.

      Also, any plans to show multiple-level threading/nesting? I notice that once you drill down it’s hard to determine who is replying to whom.

      Finally, a cool feature I found on one homebrew msg board that I frequent.. When rendering each row, within the link to the post detail, they embed some code where, when you mouse over the link, a DHTML layer pops up with a preview. Definitely makes traversing the board much easier.

      How’s mexico this time of year?


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      (re: like the redesign) Dave:
      Was it you I was speaking with a year ago about helping me with the system? If so, email me directly ( (
      ) to discuss. I could use all the help I can get…
      -Ken W

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