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      Dearest webmaster or website owner. I have a simple question: why don’t you make your site easy to serf? There are many simple and FREE systems, that can make your website more comfortable for visitors and members and more affordable to manage for yourself.
      For example: http://www.phpbb.com 
      It’s free, easy, quick and affordable!

      Thank you and Merry Christmas!

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      (re: Let’s make it more comfortable.)


      Well I’m not the admin here, but I know that he has said before he is a programmer and that’s where the fun is had, programming this website, not simply downloading a setup like you mentioned, even though it is a nice one! It’s not so hard to surf, is it that bad? (kidding)

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      (re: Let’s make it more comfortable.) What do you think that system has, that we don’t have here? If you give me a list of specific features, I’ll add it to my “to do” list (which actually does get smaller from time to time).
      This system is a hobby for me. I do have goals that over time it will become the best system on the market — but, my programming staff is small (me), and my QA staff is even smaller (me).
      Those who have been here for a while will tell you that the site has improved dramatically over the past year, and you will see that same level of evolution over the next year.
      Generally, I’ve tried to avoid spending too much time studying other systems. I’ve always hated product development which uses its basis as building a better version of what existing programs do. I watch this system closely, and more importantly, I’m a user of the system. I add those features that I want, or that users of the system seem to want. I refine features that people seem confused about, and kill features that people aren’t using.
      -Ken W

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      (re: re: Let’s make it more comfortable.)

      To Ken:
      Sorry for delay with reply. I was on a little vacation.

      As you wish. I’m not persist, just offer you.
      But you are the boss.

      To King Rygar:
      No, it’s not bad but uncomfortable for me to read the massage tree.

      (Sorry for my bad English.)

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